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Here, you will find all the posts inspired by my inane TV watching habits.




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Top 10, part 2, and Top 10 part 1 (in this order. Yes, I’m fucked up that way.)

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Other Idol-related stuff:

All the best, Cook family – which I wrote after the smoking hot David Cook went to the hospital for bad blood pressure.

Ode Ramiele “Pikachu” Malubay – because Ramiele was awesomely bad, boring, and the best scapegoat, like ever!

Fuck you America – that I wrote slightly inebriated, and completely fucking fuming, after Michael Australia’s elimination.

MICHAEL AUSTRALIA FUCKING WENT HOME TOP 8 RESULTS RE-FUCKING-CAP – take 1 Thankfully, the post itself isn’t in all-caps, but it could have been. This isn’t a “recap”, by the way, it’s more like a rant, which may or may not have been created after absorption of alcoholic beverages, like beer.

Thoughts on the American Idol 7 finale
– “Recapping” Idol turned out to be too time-consuming for me to keep up, and I eventually had to give up. However, I would have been damned if I hadn’t thrown in my two cents worth about the season’s finale, which was ultimately won by My David, like I said it would.


Diablo’s corner:

Season 7 reviews:

New Rebellious contributor: DIABLO!!! – A welcome post to my once-in-a-while-when-he-sends-me-his-review contributor.

The DIABLO review. 4/15/08

The DIABLO American Idol review. 4/29/08

Season 8 reviews:

Diablo’s AI review, 4/21/09

Diablo’s AI review, 4/28/09

Diablo’s AI review, 5/12/09



The View and I: The BackstoryWhen there is fighting on the View, it’s the best show on Earth… And once upon a time, there was loads. This post narrates how my addiction with this trainwreck started, and includes clips of a couple of good catfights, featuring the now legendary “Nuclear Wednesday” mess. Ah, the good old days…

This week on the View: Where the F has all the good drama gone? – A rather confusing post, written in several instances and containing an assortment of rants directed at Hasselbeck, as well as a speech that I wrote for Babs. That speech was supposed to be delivered to Screech live, during the Hot Topics, but for some reason, it didn’t happen.





A few thought on the Junos, eh… – Which I wrote after the Junos, duh…


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