Rachel’s Best Of The Web – Bodocus

3 Mar

BODOCUS (Best Online DOCUmentarieS)

I guess you could call this website’s design “basic”. It indeed is rather on the minimal side. A white page with the logo at the top, a couple of ads and a handful of dead links at the bottom, but the good bit is in the middle: a menu with the documentaries categories, which are the following:
Anthropology, Biographies, Business, Environment, Foreign, (Geo) Politics, Health, History, Lifestyle/Society, Mystery, Religion, Science, and Technology/Future.
Each category offers more-specific sub-menus, which sometimes lead to sub-sub-menus, until you access the actual documentaries, all of which you can stream for free. Most of them are Google videos, but a bunch are also hosted by YouTube, and possibly other websites. I’ve found one dead link, but there doesn’t seem to be many.

The foreign category offers foreign language documentaries (well, duh!), but the selection really is so-so.
However, for the rest of us anglophones and anglophiles, there is one heck of a good selection there; ranging from the 9/11 conspiracy theories films like “Loose Change”, to “Mein Kampf”, to anti-corporation propaganda, to docs about the building of dams, to the environment, wildlife, hooligans, globalization and much more.
There are tons of great documentaries on Google Video, but this page is a good guide if you don’t know where to start up, or you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for; and with over 600 documentaries, you have plenty of choice.
I stumbled on that website yesterday evening, and ended up watching two documentaries.

One hell of a good find, worth checking out.


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