Rachel’s Best Of The Web – YouTube

3 Mar

Hey, happy new year, y’all!

I’m not a very consistent blogger now, am I?

It’s because of high-speed internet; watching all of the web, as I vouched I would, proves to be rather time-consuming.

Naturally, this being the time of the year which screams to me: “HIBERNATION!!!”, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time exploring the new avenues that my broadband connection opened up for me, and, while I was there, I also revisited some the narrow, serpentine streets where I ventured way back then, in spite of the infuriatingly snail-like pace of my dial-up connection of yesteryear.

So I’ve come up with a list of some of the best websites I stumbled on out there; unsorted, unedited, uncomprehensive, without any semblance of logic, or any attempt at logic, I bring you:

Let’s start by stating the so-obvious-that-it’s-kicking-you-in-the-face:



Seriously, YouTube is awesome. Well, so far, I’ve never found myself flashing a bunch of horny boys whilst drunk, so yeah, I think YouTube rocks.
What can you find on YouTube? Everything. The talk-show host you love to hate made an ass of him or herself on live TV? It’s on YouTube. Your math teacher fell asleep with his mouth open after one tequila slammer too many on the bus on the way back from that field-trip to Hull? It’s on YouTube. Somewhere in the world, a parrot can dance a jig, a cat can say: “Fuck you”, a baby can play two consecutive notes on a piano, and you’ll find the proof on YouTube.
You want to ask Obama a question, sing a song for Hillary, moon John McCain? Do it via YouTube, and share your buttcrack with millions of avid viewers. Janet Jackson’s nipple made a comeback appearance but you missed it ‘cos’ you were blinking or something? Catch up on YouTube!

YouTube has the best, the worst, and everything in between. It has a whole category dedicated to double-jointed people; where else are you gonna find that, hmmm?

And not only can you watch all of these wonderful videos on YouTube, but you can also comment on them. Which has this awesome potential for attracting a whole crowd of trolls and sex depraved loony tunes, starting arguments and flame wars, or just wars.
I got shit from five people for daring to say about a Marion Cottillard video that her manic giggling was getting on my nerves. Bam, got slammed! Don’t say bad stuff about Marion Cottillard on YouTube, she’s the darling over there at the moment. Wait for a bit. (And while we’re on Marion Cottillard, I watched “La vie en rose” and really didn’t think it was all that. But then, I don’t like biopics.)
However, via the comments, I also started an interesting discussion with a dude who was arguing with some Republican kid about, basically, how much Republicans suck. Just in more and better words. And good for him. The dude, I mean. I too would try to convert an 18 years with a still potentially malleable brain, if at least I knew what the hell I was talking about.

So to summarize, YouTube is awesome. If you ever need a laugh, I recommend you make a search for “news bloopers”, there are some pure gems in there.

WARNING: Time flies when you’re on YouTube; watching stupid videos is incredibly addictive, so keep an eye on the clock, ‘cos’ the next thing you’ll know, it’ll be dawn and you’ll wonder where the hell the last three hours went. Then you’ll realize, with a mix of stupor, shame, and self-directed anger, that you just spent them watching videos of dogs humping boots and Jackass cast-members wannabes running blindfolded into brick walls.

YouTube is awesome.


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