Shit does happen…

13 Apr

Like computer crashes, for instance.


Yep, today, around 5pm, Moonshine (my computer) just fucking died on me and won’t restart.

Hard drive’s dead, I think.


Regardless, it’s a bummer, especially when you’re three “recaps” late.


Yesterday, everything was fine and dandy, until a drunken friend showed up and messed with some wires.

Quite possibly a coincidence, since Moonshine had been acting up for a bit, but nothing serious enough for me to, well, take seriously.


When my drunken friend showed up, I’d done my “recap” intro, my whining, and was almost done with Michael Australia (in writing, I mean), when BAM!, in the middle of a sentence, fucking Moonshine decides to restart.

Meaning, Michael Australia: gone. All of it. And as you imagine, I had a lot to say about Michael.

Anyway, Moonshine restarts, I restart to type, saving after every paragraph or so. Then Bam! Restart again. Lost a paragraph. Started to save every sentence, Bam! again, and so on, and all night, and all day today.

Every half hour, BAM. Restart. So I managed to finish Michael, do half of Syesha, lose half of Syesha, re-type it, get really, really fed up, give up on the “recap”, and back-up all my data.

Then tried to reboot the whole system for ages, to no avail.

So i just turned off Moonshine


And the end.




So Ian was kind enough to lend me his laptop for tonight and tomorrow, which is cool, but when you,re used to a PC, laptops are a bastard, especially the mouse; even though my typing isn’t that hot either.


I obviously want to deal with this problem ASAP, simply because I’m gonna go bonkers without a computer.


However, I honestly doubt I’ll get around to write and publish last weeks’s “recaps”, which were already horribly late anyway.

But right now, my plan is to:

First, hope like fuck that all i have to do is buy a new hard drive and get my buddy Fabrice to install it for me.

if the above fails, hope like fuck that Future Shop are having the special of the century very soon.


And with all that, hope like fuck that I’ll have a computer, repaired, borrowed, stolen, whatever, for Wednesday, so that i can at least keep up with the show.

I can always catch up with the old “recaps” later, since I have taped the shows.


Anyway, this is a bummer, especially since it has come to my attention that I actually have a handful of readers. Bad timing.  


I really hope it’s just the hard drive. And i really hope that i get my hands on a normal keyboard, a normal mouse, and a normal computer very soon, because this laptop is driving me nuts.

Which is why I’m out of here; I’m sick of fixing typos and looking for puctuation marks.


And i also wanted to say thanks to the folks over at IMDB for their cool comments, it was well appreciated.

But you know, you can comment here too… 😉

And obviously, thanks to you too, Lissy!


Ok. I’m done, hope to be back soon, and hope that you guys stick around…!




PS: Sorry for the typos, i really can’t be arsed with that “mouse”.


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