New Rebellious contributor: DIABLO!!!

18 Apr


Listen y’all!!!

Rebel Without A Clue has new stuff: reviews!!

Oh, no, not by me, I don’t really write about the show. Idol is only an excuse for me to make up fucked-up stories and talk a lot about David Cook.

So, I found myself a contributor, who answers (online anyway) to the name of Diablo.

Diablo is, like me, a poster on the IMDB Idol message board, and he posts weekly reviews of Idol over there every week.

Given that the IMDB Idol forum is pretty active, threads get lost in the shuffle very quickly, plus, there’s a troll problem right now, random threads get constantly reported, we can’t even discuss the guys’ penises in peace without getting our posts deleted, and it’s really annoying, and this is why I suggested to Diablo that I could post his reviews here, so that they’d have a chance to last for more than 30 minutes.

You guys should totally come check the IMDB Idol board, it’s a lot of fun!

No seriously, it is.


So I’ll leave the rest up to Diablo. Feel free to comment, curse, whine, approve, etc…


Welcome, Diablo!


One Response to “New Rebellious contributor: DIABLO!!!”

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