Thoughts on the American Idol 7 finale

22 May

OK, a few quick post-show notes…

It’s been a great finale, I must say…


Here’s how it went for me: I owed Ian a couple of birthday beers, so we went out for a couple tonight, and because of that I missed the first 20 minutes of the show.

When I came in, Syesha and Seal were dueting together, and although I missed the start of it, it sounded pretty cool.


Then I have to say, fuck chronology, because I didn’t take any notes until about 9pm, but here are some of my observations:


The Syesha and Donna Summer group cheese was actually one of the best group cheese ever. That’s a good song for six angry chicks (and angry, rightly so: didn’t they lose the whole thing to two Davids, after all?). And Donna Summer is cool. And she can still sing. And I’ve never managed to hate Syesha this whole season, although I did threaten to.

But yeah, that was cool. And was it just me not paying attention, or did Syesha’s mike stopped working and Donna passed her hers? Anyway, whether it did happen or I just dreamed it, it was cool too.

One last thing: Amanda didn’t seem to hate this particular group cheese, and I thought she did pretty good as far as the dancing part was concerned.

Oh, and can someone remind me why Ramiele ever was in this competition? Besides to provide me with an outlet for all my online nastiness?

The Carly and Michael Australia duo:

Wasn’t that something? It really made me wonder why the heck these two got kicked out so early. Probably Carly even more so, because she has been pretty damn consistent all season, and this girl, “plant” or not, VFTW, has one hell of a fucking kick-ass voice, whether you like it or not.

As for Michael, as he once humourously pointed out, he “peaked in Hellywood”, then took a one month break, until he peaked again, with that Queen song, which is what reminded me why I so liked Michael in the first place. And when the following week, he turned me into mush with that Dolly Parton song, I remembered that given the right song, and when he’s not trying to channel Jim Morrison, Aussie mike can be one hell a singer.

And tonight, he reminded me again.


Sunshine Yellow vs. Graham Nash:

You know what? I’ve realized something, I’ve never actually hated Brooke, although I tried really, really hard to. I guess what good ole Dawg called her “singer-songwriter vibe” appealed to me after all… I’ve done my best to fight it though, those of you who read my “recaps” can be my witnesses… And in the end, it looks like her “Every breath you take” and that other Neil Diamond song got the better of both me, and that Yellow “Here comes the sun” Overkill, which really made me think that she and Pikachu would end up being my head-scapegoats this year… Oh well… Still, “Whoo!”

And that duet? Let’s do a quick tribute to Sunshine, since I never bothered trying to find the time to write her an “ode”, and let’s just call it “Okay”, okay?


The Davids and Brian Adams group cheese:

I think I preferred the girls, honestly. However, as far as group cheese has gone this season, I’d say this was a Brie. Not the best Brie ever, maybe a bit too hard in the middle, but still, a pretty decent Brie. I guess as a Canadian, Brian Adams isn’t exactly a novelty to me, so I don’t jump up and down when I see him, but he’s still way better than Divah Carey or Sir Webber Lloyd Andrew. So that was ai’ght.

And, talking about Davids, the group cheese reminded me that Naughty David is pretty hot. I wouldn’t mind him stripping for me. It also reminded me that Naughty David was one of my earlier favourites (along with My David), and that he was a pretty damn strong singer, in spite of his tendencies to go completely over the top sometimes. I still believe that Naughty David was out too early though. That gay stripper thing that VFTW dug out did him no favours, I think.

And talking about people who should have stuck around longer, I strongly believe that Chikezie is one of them. After his amazing “She’s a woman” performance, which came out of absolutely nowhere, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for this guy, and I still do. I just have the same piece of advice as before to give him (because of course, the top 12 read my blog religiously, especially Ramiele): “Dear Chikezie, not that I’m going, (unless Ryan invites me) but for the tour, please, Chikezie, don’t do ballads, because you’re just so damn good and entertaining when you don’t.”

And, one last thing, that all-male group cheese made me wonder, though, how in heaven did Jason make it all the way to the final 4? I mean, it’s obvious, likability, likability, and likability, but still, dude, tonight, hearing him singing among those My David, Naughty David, Chikezie and Hot Aussie, kinda hit me in the face like a wet towel: how the fuck did Jason make it that far?

And guys, or girls rather, I don’t blame you, because I totally fell for it too, but man, the guy really isn’t that great a singer. But he has charisma oozing through every other pore of his skin, as well as his ears, dreadlocks, eyes, and smile; I guess that was enough… Plus he’s fucking hilarious. But I must say that in retrospect, after hearing him and Michael singing back to back, I did wonder: “How the fuck did that happen? Methinks things are in the wrong order here…”


Moving on, my treat tonight: My David and ZZ Top. That was FUCKING AWESOME!!! Now that I know he’s won, I don’t care all that much, but when I originally watched that performance, I found myself thinking: “Why the heck didn’t he sing this song last night?” That was just plain great, and I loved every second of it. And I think he really loved it too. I mean, you’re playing and singing with ZZ TOP!!! How fucking cool is that??!!!




Then, some awful kids took over the stage. Were these these Jonas people I keep reading about?

Whoever they were, they might wanna think about getting into sculpting, or any other non-musical activity, because they sucked; anyone from the top 12 could have done better than these twits.


And for more bad news, Jordin Fucking Sparks’ voice isn’t back, but unfortunately, she is. Nothing’s perfect, I guess… Sorry, I just hate the bitch.


Renaldo’s “I am your brother”, out of of tune for the most part:

But yeah, he was there, with as big a marching band almost, as they had at that last SuperBowl, which is the only part of the last SuperBowl that I watched. And nowhere near as many cheerleaders, but still! It was cool, I enjoyed it, it was humourous, the guy is very likable, and I was glad they had him on, out of all the horrible people who auditioned this year. Let’s just hope that this song doesn’t because this summer’s #1 hit. For our sake.


After seeing clips from the auditions, I really think Ryan should wear jeans and T-shirts, and less make-up, like all the time. Because I have to admit, if Ryan didn’t look so fucking primped all the time, I’d totally do him.

I think I spent too much time writing about Ryan, since he became my “recaps” sidekick, something I hadn’t planned at the start, but that just happened by itself, and maybe that got under my skin. But thankfully, this season is now over, and I can forget about this embarrassing crush, unless he’d like to invite me to one of the Idols tour shows, to which I would totally say: “Yes, as long as you don’t wear eyeliner”.


Carrie Underwood looked hot tonight, I must say. She’s pretty damn good too. I quite like this rock style on her, she pulls it off well. She was a good winner, really, when I think about it…

But Bo was one hell of a runner-up…! Bo is still, along with My David, my favourite Idol ever. You guys (Bo and David, I mean), do a double-bill together, and come play at Montreal’s Metropolis PLEASE. I’ll put up posters for you guys if you want. And I’ll plug you on my upcoming radio show. PLEAAAASE do it…!


Methinks Amanda’s not a George Michael fan. She didn’t look like she was enjoying herself at all during the George Michael group cheese.

And talking about George Michael, I really like some of his stuff, but tonight, I thought he sucked. And the huge dark glasses: tacky. Anyone who walks into a dark place wearing dark glasses, should, unless they’re blind, be openly laughed at; especially rock stars. So “BOO!” George Michael!!!



And last, but not least:




One last word before I go. I’m glad my man won after all, even if I wasn’t sure I wanted him to.

I really wish him all the best; I’ve never cared about a contestant that much since Bo (who was the first I ever cared about, and still do), and I wish him a very long, and very good career, because he’s got talent oozing out of every inch of himself, and he seems to be one hell of a nice guy on top of it.


So dear David Cock, you totally rook, I wish you all the best, and if you ever swing by Montreal, I will be happy to show you a “good time”. A very good time… I have a great view of the city from my apartment, and the perspective that you can get is from my bed, so you totally should check it out… honey… 😉

And yeah, I will mail you that picture of my boobs. I’ve promised you it almost two months ago after all…



So long y’all!


(And I might as well do a bit of pandering before I go, because I kinda need advice here: should I bother to catch up, or at least try to, with my “recaps”, at this point? Would you guys bother reading them if I did write them, or are you all moving on to another show already?

Please let me know, in the comments sections below. Thanks in advance, Lissy. 🙂 😉


Ciao, it was a great season, and the fact that it ended doesn’t mean that this blog will, so keep on dropping by; and if you have a blog of your own and are not ashamed to tell everyone you know me, blogroll me and I’ll blogroll you. Do we have a deal? 😉


Ciao for now, and let me know your thoughts about “blast from the past” Idol “recaps”, or anything else, really…!


And thanks for readin’!!!! 🙂






4 Responses to “Thoughts on the American Idol 7 finale”

  1. Lissy May 22, 2008 at 7:51 am #

    YES! please recap ALL AI shows!!! 😀

    and i do hope you know that i’m not the only person who reads your blog. there’s gotta be like 2 people on imdb that read it but don’t comment… right??? :\

    lol. love ya rach, can’t wait to read more of your fun snarky stuff!


  2. salomey5 May 22, 2008 at 4:00 pm #

    Miss Lissy, you are Cocking awesome!!!

    Thank you so much for your support, you have been awesome, and I’m real happy that, thanks to Idol, I got to meet you, because you racking rock, girl!!!

    So I’ll do my best to catch up on some “recaps” (I’m almost done with the top4 one, lol!)


  3. sister-woman June 5, 2008 at 11:38 pm #

    Bring ’em on when you can!

    Wait, are they there? Aw, hell, I’ll post and then look!

    Sorry I took so long to get around to reading your finale recap!


  4. Snorkeler June 20, 2008 at 3:12 pm #

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Snorkeler!


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