Today on the View: Babs is back, Sherri is undecided, Elisabeth will make her point after the break… or not.

31 Oct

OK, before I start, here are the videos. The same old bullshit argument even I’m getting tired of starts around the middle of part 1. Man, I can’t wait for Tuesday. New stuff to talk about, on the View, on the news, everywhere. I’m Canadian, and I’m sick of the damn campaign.

At the beginning of part 2, as Whoopi goes to commercial without letting Elisabeth defend the Republican Party and everyone in it, you’ll find the basis for my “Are “they” muzzling Screech?” conspiracy theory, explained further below.

Babs’ comeback hasn’t exactly added the much needed gasoline to this rather feeble fire, unfortunately. All in all, this would be another forgettable day on the View, if it wasn’t from this tidbit from Sherri, who all of sudden, decided that she was undecided. Regarding the election, I mean.

Huh? When did this happen? From what I’d gathered over the course of the last month, I pretty much thought that Sherri had gone blue team. I mean, the finger-wagging, the “Oh, no, you DON’T!”, the throwing words like “Keating 5!” around…? No? Anyone else?

I don’t know, it puzzled me. Maybe I read too much into that finger-wagging number. I guess what I mistook for a non-verbal endorsement of Obama was nothing more than theatre… It seemed sincere though… Or maybe she was just defending him against what she thought were false accusations from the Repubs?

Or is it possible that Babs and Bill “suggested” to her that she become undecided? As in:

“Sherri, we need some balance on the show, so we need you to all of a sudden become undecided.”

Sherri: Undecided? But why? And why now? I mean, just as I finally did my research, made up my mind, and gained a lot of viewers’ sympathy… I mean, do I really…

B&B: Sherri, don’t argue. Our viewers would never buy it if all of a sudden, Joy, Whoopi or Elisabeth became undecided. You, on the other hand, have a history of blurting out stupid stuff, so they won’t be surprised to hear you speak nonsense again.

Sherri: But that’s my point! People were starting to get over that…! Less and less folks were calling me ignorant, stupid, or a “flat-Earther”. Bloggers were starting to write nice stuff about me… Barbara, girl, this is so unfair, I…

B&B: That’s the View, Sherri. That’s OUR View, more precisely. We know you’re shopping around for a new job; you keep asking for days off, and we are aware that you’re been working part-time on the side. But we also know that you’re getting ripped off rent-wise, and that for the time being, you still need this gig.

So we leave it up to you, Sherri… Undecided, or homeless. Your choice.

Sherri: OK. Fine. I’ll do it. Someone bring me a bag of Ruffles. NOW!!!”

Kidding aside, the undecided sure are getting a lot of press these days. I hope Joe the Plumber, Joe six-pack, and all the other Joes I haven’t kept track of have enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame, because the undecided want their share of the spotlight. And they’re getting it.

Both candidates are sucking up to them big time, and the “decided” are looking at them all: “Yo! How come you’re still undecided, dude? This thing has been going on for like two years now, how long do you need?”

To me, it’s bizarre how you could be undecided at this point, especially when you look at both candidates. It’s not exactly like you can’t tell them apart, right? Personally, I can see a number of fucking HUGE differences between them, but then again, I’ve always been super-perceptive like that… Anyway…

OK, now that I’m done speculating on Sherri and her sudden bout of indecision, let’s move on to the next question of the day: Is Screech being muzzled?

Some say yes, some say “Yeay!”, some say squat. I’m usually one to love a good conspiracy theory when I see one, but on this, I’m not sure; I’m like Sherri, undecided.

After re-watching today’s video, I must say that personally, I find Elisabeth got her fair share of screeching-time. Certainly enough to call Obama’s multi-million infomercial which aired last night “boring”, give it thumbs down, and get in a little bashing, just for good measure

Regardless of what I think, rumours are a-floating that Whoopi, this big meany, has been purposefully going to commercial everytime it was Elisabeth’s turn to talk during HT.

Apparently, several times now, they’ve gone to the break just as Screech was about to hammer Hannity’s point of the day. Personally, I hadn’t realized it, but then again, I’m often doing something else while I’m watching the show, so I tend to miss details like this. Several people on the IMDb board brought it up, but I didn’t pay much attention, since people often tend to read a lot of stuff into minor details. I know, I do it all the time.

But this morning, when I watched the show, I did notice that Whoopi cut to commercial just as Elisabeth was about to respond to something Sherri had said about McCain getting out of somewhere I can’t remember, but that’s not the point. Then after the break, they moved on to different topics.

It could well be a simple coincidence, they might just go to commercial because it’s time to do so. I do radio, and when they say the ads must run at exactly 6.28, they’re not kidding. So it could just be that her timing is unlucky.

But then again, after witnessing it myself today, I’m thinking that maybe there is some truth to all this… So which is it then? Coincidence, or conspiracy? Are “they” muzzling Elisabeth? And why? … … Mwahahaha…!

One thing I’m sure of though, is that Whoopi isn’t the one who determines when it’s time to quench the oncoming flow of Obamattacks with a series of soothing commercials. The voice in her head tells her. Or in her ear, rather. Bill Geddie’s voice, or some other producer’s, but the decision isn’t Whoopi’s to make, I’m certain of that.

Conspiracy theories aside, there may be a reason why the View’s bigwigs would want their petulant host to tone it down a bit, even if that means cutting her off with an ad for Tide Ultra.

Yesterday, THIS STORY surfaced from I don’t where originally, all the websites I’ve checked have the same blurb, starting with:

“ELISABETH Hasselbeck gets more death threats than anyone else on “The View”. Whoopi Goldberg revealed Monday night at Cooper Union.

WTF? They get death threats? Really? But this is “The View”!? And these women get death threats? Sherri gets death treats? For what? Her controversial stance on the earth’s shape? Her eccentric take on history?

Anyway, bottom line is, Screech gets more death threats than the others.

After getting over the fact that Sherri could get death threats, (that one made my head spin) I must admit that in retrospect, I’m not all that surprised.

The way I see it, when you’re in the public eye, and giving your unfiltered opinion is part of your job, I’d say it comes with the territory.

Example: the Dixie Chicks. Profession: country band. The singer makes one derogatory remark about Bush, and all hell breaks loose. The next thing you know, their album and ticket sales plummet while the mob organizes CD burn-ins, the whole drama culminating with death threats. And they’re a country music band.

So yeah, all things considered, I could see why these women would get death threats. And why Screech would get more than the others. I simply think she has more haters. That said, it’s one thing to have a lot of haters, but when said haters say they’d prefer you dead rather than alive, it’s a whole different ball game.

But I think the fact that her opinion isn’t popular, neither with the rest of the panel nor with many of the viewers is a factor. The fact that she is the sole conservative voice doesn’t work in her favour either. All the loony left’s hatemail is directed to her by default. The loony right has Joy, Whoopi, possibly even Babs, to threaten. And I don’t who the fuck sends Sherri death threats… Loony scientists perhaps?

But what really does Screech in, regarding her popularity, or lack thereof, are not her opinions (they aren’t even HER opinions anyway, but I’ll come back to that) but how she states said opinions. In a poorly articulated, poorly researched, extremely one-sided, antagonizing, and, naturally, screechy fashion.

Furthermore, going back to “her” opinions, she gets them straight from boyfriend “Sean” (Hannity, from Fox “News”. On that, I bet your ass these two are gonna do it within a year. It’s clear as day that they’re lusting for one another like horny conservative God-loving teenagers. I’ll keep you posted on how it plays out.) And if “Sean” isn’t on to tell her what to think, she can always rely on O’Reilly, or one of their many other right-wing propaganda spewing wannabe journalists on Fox Noise.

But back to our red-team supporting Barbie, besides the fact that she’s unable to think for herself and is completely brainwashed by the clowns over at Fox Noise, Screech is also remarkably rigid and one-dimensional in “Sean’s” her opinions; no looky at things from another perspective, ever. No straying from the party lines either. Her blind allegiance to all things Republican, whatever they may be, right or wrong, truth or lies, is a little frightening; if you’ve ever read my favourite book of all times, “1984”, you’ll know that people like her are bad news. People who are unable or unwilling to criticize their own are dangerous, because they’re easily controlled. This girl had no problem with the idea of the Bush administration listening to citizens’ phone conversations… I mean, Big Brother mucho? What’s next, the Thought Police?

For years, Bush has been her “homey”, but he’s about to go home to play golf for the next few decades, so now, she’s gone all “Great AmeriCain” on us, and finally admits that Bush may have perhaps possibly fucked up here and there, but that voting for basically the same guy will make it all better, especially with the help of a gun-toting Alaskan bimbo. Sure. You betcha.

And I think that it’s her inability to think for herself, her blind devotion to her party, her unwillingness to criticize it, all that coupled with her rather extreme views, that tend to rub so many people the wrong way, including many conservatives.

And these are the reasons why I believe she gets more death threats than the others ladies. I think Elisabeth is getting the Dixie Chicks treatment; some psycho with a severe lack of perspective is mistaking this talk-show host for an influent politician. Sadly, it happens, because there are a lot of crazies out there, many of whom have access to a TV, a computer, and an internet connection.

I’m no fan of yours Elisabeth, but maybe you should hire a bodyguard, just to be on the safe side? I don’t like you, but I don’t want anything to happen to you (besides maybe getting it on with “Sean”.) So be careful, don’t talk to strangers, inspect closely these Halloween candies, and get yourself a security guard. And learn to think for yourself, it’ll do you good.

So that’s finally it. I’m all out of View-related speculations, musings, and potential conspiracies.

Well actually, I’m not, there is this other rumour that Screech and Joy are playing “Cold war” and can’t stand eachother’s guts anymore. It’s a fun gossip on which I could speculate until tomorrow, but given that tomorrow is Halloween, I’ll save it for some other time.

What will the ladies dress up as for the Halloween show? Personally, I think Joy should dress as Screech and vice-versa, because role-playing helps solving relationships problems. Ask your shrink if you don’t believe me.

Good nite, and stay tuned!

And have a very happy and safe Halloween!


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