Diablo review 2/4/09

6 Feb

Not alot to say about this one really.

I think the group thing is silly in a way, but I can see its purpose. A mediocre singer may sound good on their own but put them next to a really good singer and it only exposes their mediocrity even more. The drama and BS is annoying but it shows me who is professional and who isn’t. The look on the keyboard guys face said it all. I could just tell he hates dealing with such rank amatuers, but at least he’s getting paid well for his services!

I must’ve missed Adam Lambert’s audition because this is the fist time I’ve heard him sing. I’ve never made a prediction as to who will win this early in the season but I’m going to this time. I predict that Adam will be the next American Idol. The dude has an amazing voice! If he doesn’t win, I can’t imagine how he won’t be in the top 3!

Other highlights of the night, well its BYE BYE bikini girl. I just LOVED how Kara was making fun of her, that was awesome. And I am so happy to see that Jasmine Murray didn’t get cut. She has a great voice and is so beautiful. I like everything about this girl. She has a good voice and she seems to have a wonderful personality AND one of the prettiest faces I’ve ever seen. She looks a little like Gabrielle Union to me and that certainly isn’t a bad thing!

Nathan left some scorch marks on the stage after flaming it up, the kid definately has some attitude. Now if he’d only stop dressing like the biggest nerd in the world! He certainly brings some entertainment to the show with his attitude and he can sing pretty good also!

I have never in the 7 years I’ve been watching AI been more happy to see a contestant get cut than I was with Nancy Wilson. Miss thang and her mediocre voice and HORRIBLE attitude will get nowhere in life acting that way. I personally wish I knew what she said to that white girl. If I was the girl I would’ve lit into her like stink on a turd! Nancy is just a horribly ugly human being both inside and out and she is going to have a hard time in life with her horrible attitude! GOOD RIDDANCE to her!

I can’t wait until next week!


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