Duck and cover…!!!

6 Feb

He’s back!!!

Who, you ask?

My opiniated, outspoken, rebellious, controversial and fellow fan of expletives, Diablo, that is!

Diablo contributed a few of his reviews to my blog last season, and offered to do it again for the ridiculous circus that season 8 shapes up to be.

Offer which I enthusiastically accepted. Given that I seem unable to turn in my own “recaps” a week late, let alone on time, it’s comforting to know that thanks to Diablo, who unlike me isn’t a slacker, my blog will be updated with fresh Idol reviews.

The other upside is that it will likely give me an inferiority complex and encourage me to get off Blog Fucking Catalog, where I spend so much time networking (read: posting stupid stuff on forums), that I don’t have time to blog anymore.

So I’m gonna do my part.

Starting right after Jeopardy.

In the meantime, enjoy Diablo’s reviews!


Welcome back, Diablo!:)


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