The DIABLO review. 2/3/09

6 Feb

I can’t really call this a review being that there weren’t actual full performances to review, so this is just my opinion of the singers they featured tonight!

Lil Rounds – I can only assume here name is short for Lillian! She looks alot like a contestant from several years ago, but I can’t think of her name! This chick obviously has a damn good voice but when are these girls going to learn, YOU DON’T SING WHITNEY!!! You’ll never be as good as Whitney was so don’t even try! Its not like she even made an effort to sing it her own way, she tried to copy Whitney not for note and failed IMO! I would’ve let her through as well but I was not inpressed with her tonight! I have a feeling she’ll do really good though!


Dennis ??? – I cannot stand morons like this guy. Get a clue dude, you aren’t that good! You are a wanna-BEE karaoke singer at best! He said “America’s gonna be mad” because he’s not going to be on the show. BS, the only thing I’m mad about is that they wasted 3 minutes on your lame ass when they could’ve shown us some good singers! BYE BYE LOSER!

Nathaniel ???? – Who dressed this guy? Stevie Wonder! This kid is the biggest dork I have ever seen in my life but he does have a pretty good voice. Now if he’ll only do something about his hiddeous wardrobe! I guess the old stereotype about gay men having good fashion sense doesn’t apply to him!

Anoop Desai – Man I can only use one word to describe Anoop! SOUL!!! Dude has an awesome soulful voice and I think he’ll go very far this year!

Jamsime Murry – OK first of all, this girl is FINE! Absolutely gorgeous! She has a really nice voice also and I hope she goes far if for nothing else so I can continue to drool over her!

Rose ??? – 2 minutes wasted pimpin this chick when they could’ve showed some other singers. I HATE that crap!!! Personally I thought she fell off of that dock and was got washed out to sea, I didn’t think she was good at all but she made it through so maybe the judges heard somethink in her voice that I didn’t!

Von Smith – Could this guy be any more annoying?! He certainly has a powerful voice, but who cares!

Stephan Fowler – As generic as they get!

WhoreHay – I didn’t catch the spelling of his name so I’ll just write it like it sounds! According to one of the latest trolls I’ve attracted here, I’m an illegal Mexican so you’d think I’d know how to spell his name! Anyway, he had a whiney voice and I hated it! He has less balls than the singer for Rascal Flatts and that guy is one of the whiniest singers ever! GO HOME WHOREHAY!

Nick Mitchell – This guy looks 40, I can’t believe he’s only 27! If he would stop being a dork and be serious he’d do great because he really has a good voice! Maybe we’ll see the real Nick and not his character soon.

Jackie Tone – HELL YEAH!!! This is what I’m talking about, a rocker chick with a nice gritty soulful voice. I just PRAY that she doesn’t do any Janis on the show. Chicks like her always seem to like Janis and I’ll never understand that because Janis was HORRIBLE!!! She seemes to have a great personality and great attitude. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing more form this gal and I predict she’ll go far on the show!

Danny Goken _ This guy is soulful and smooth yet he has grit when he needs it. This is certainly a guy to watch, he’ll easily make the top 12! Where does the soul in his voice come from? HIS PAIN AND LOSS! You can’t fake something like that and its going to be a huge asset to him on this show. Good luck Danny!

Jamar Rogers -Mediocre karaoke singer at best! BYE BYE!


Bikini Girl/Katrina Darrell – WOW, she looks much better now than she did in her audition and she can actually sing pretty good. They certainly need her around if for no other reason that to pit Simon and Randy against Paula and Kara. GOOD TV;)!

Jeremy Michael Starver – This guy is AWESOME. One of my favorites. He will certainly make the top 12 and go very far! This dude has a great voice and I can’t wait to hear more of it!

Jesus Valenzuela – Ok but a bit to whiney for my taste!

David Osmond – Decent but not great!

Erika Wesley – The judges made a HUGE mistake by cutting her, she has a GREAT counrty voice. If they have a wild-card round this year like I’ve heard they’re going to, I hope she gets another chance because she was really good! The judges were WRONG!!!

Emily Wayne-Hughes – KILLER VOICE!!! Another top 12 contestant, I have no doubt about that!

So my favs that were featured tonight are:
Jeremy Michael Starver
Jackie Tone
Jasmine Murry
Anoop Desai
Danny Goken
Emily Wayne-Hughes.

I hope to see all six of them in the top 12.

They only really showed us 17 people tonight and several of them were cut, and there are still 104 left. I’m very curious as to the talent that we haven’t heard yet, you just know there are some excellent singers that that haven’t showed us yet! BRING EM ON!

Well there you go, my thoughts on tonights show!


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