The Diablo AI review, 2/10/09

12 Feb

First of all, Ryan is a DORK! There is nothing “historic” about the Kodak Theater. I think something needs to be in existance a little longer than 10 years to make it historic, and thats a HUGE understatement!


Now to my opinion of the singing.

Adam Lambert- OK I fully retract my statement last week claiming he would win. Not only do I think he won’t win, but I pray that he doesn’t win! He might as well get a sex cahnge because he already sings just like a girl, so he may as well get the same equipment! His singing certainly has no balls anyway!

Matt Giraurd-I like this guy, he has a nice voice and very good piano skills.

Jamar-This guy isn’t that good. He doesn’t suck, but his voice is WAY too whiney for my taste!

Danny-This guy has such a great soulful voice. I’ve never heard a guy sing ‘I Hope You Dance’ before so that was a bit odd for me, but he did it well!

Anoop and Jorge-These guys are just completely generic! I had liked Anoop before but hearing him right after Danny made me realize how generic his voice is!

Scott Macintyre-Is this guy really blind? If so, then why did he keep LOOKING down at his keyboard. If you can’t see the keys, why would your head keep moving as if looking at them? I’ve never seen Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder do that!!! He’s got a good voce though!

Kendall Beard-First of all, what a HORRIBLE thing to name a girl, but then again there are so many young people with horrible names these days that it doesn’t even seem that unusual! Mediocre generic voice, blah blah, bye bye!

Stevie Wright-More generic mediocrity!

Lil Rounds-Damn good sould singer, but bordering on generic!

Kristen McNamara-This girl has a really nice gritty bluesy voice, I hadn’t noticed that before because of all the “drama”. But WHY are so many of them singing songs form AI contestants. Do they think singing a Carrie or Kelly song is going to make them look better to the judges or something?!

Mishovonna Henson-Hey its a NON-GENERIC singer, I like it. Since they haven’t been pimping her, I don’t recall ever hearing her before and it sure is nice after hearing so many mediocre generic singers!

Tatiana-She has a really great smooth, sulty, sexy voice, I LOVE THIS GIRL! This girl is going to be a STAR, mark my words! She has a great voice and a wild eccentric personality and to me that spells STAR!!!

Alexis Grace-Another generic singering doing an AI winners song, booring!

Jasmine Murray-I really like this girl, I just wish they’d play more than 5 seconds of her singing. They waste too much time on BS and drama and don’t spend nearly enough time letting us HEAR the singing! WTF?

Nathan-This guy is a whiney bitch and he is completely generic!

Joanna Pacitti-WTF? OK they obviously only played the WORST 5 seconds of her they could find because that was horrible. But from everything I’ve read about her, she must have a great voice, I just haven’t heard it yet!

Casey Carlson and Stephan Fowler-More generic mediocrity!

Nick/Norman-ANNOYING as hell, but mildy amusing and funny! Voice, not that great!

Anne Marie-This girl has a great smooth voice, one to watch!

Ju’not Joyner-Ryan says he’s been ‘flying under the radar’. Thats only because AI hasn’t been pimping the hell out of him like they’ve been doing to so many others! He’s got a good voice and I hope to hear more of it!


Well thats really about all I paid attention to on last nights show. Lets see, minus the commercials the show is about 44 minutes long. Of that 44 minutes they may have spent 10 on singing! This is a singing show, as SIMON likes to keep reminding us, well they need to tell that to the producers so they actually start showing us MORE SINGING and less BS DRAMA!!!

So tonight it gets cut down even further, lets just hope there is LESS DRAMA AND MORE SINGING!!! That is my motto for the year!


4 Responses to “The Diablo AI review, 2/10/09”

  1. Lissy February 13, 2009 at 9:40 am #

    hey diablo, scott is legally blind, he has a sort of tunnel vision that allows him to see one key of the piano at a time. they talked about it before his audition.


    • salomey5 February 13, 2009 at 5:57 pm #

      Oi, Lissy, if you see Diablo on the board, would you tell him that he’s got a comment?



  2. Taylor February 26, 2009 at 8:29 pm #

    You should briefly bring back to memory the disaster that was Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson movie “From Justin to Kelly”.


  3. salomey5 February 26, 2009 at 9:37 pm #

    Hi, Taylor, thanks for coming by! 🙂

    Unfortunately, i never saw the first season of Idol. I sure heard plenty of times that “From Justin to Kelly” was bleeding horrendous though…
    It doesn’t exactly makes me feel like watching it, i must say… Lol!

    Oops, i just realized, I’m not the author of this post, Diablo is!

    I can pass him the message, if you want. Unless you’re a member of IMDb, in which case, you can send him a private message. His username is SixStringDIABLO.

    Thanks for commenting regardless! 🙂


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