Look! It’s a POLL!

28 Mar


Yeay, I made my first poll!

Not as much for your entertainment, mind you, as because I need your help. Let me explain.

In an attempt to quench my insatiable thirst  for attention, any kind of attention, even negative attention, I nominated my own blog in every single Blogger’s Choice Awards category that would have me (and which seemed remotely relevant to Rebel Without A Clue), and they are the following:

  • Best humour blog
  • Best blog about stuff
  • Most obnoxious blogger
  • Best blog of all time
  • Worst blog of all time

That makes five. Unfortunately, those killjoys over at BCA decided four nominations per blog was enough. So I had to ditch one.

After much pondering, and many a jog in the park (I don’t jog) game of Spider Solitaire, I opted to let go of the probably highly coveted "Worst Blog of all time" self-nomination.

However, in retrospect, I wonder if it was the right choice. I mean, wouldn’t it be so cool to be (self-)nominated for both best and worst blog?

What do you think? Should I ditch one of the above categories and replace it with: “Worst blog ever”?

Actually, you know what? I’ll include this option in the poll, just for a laugh (which hopefully won’t end up being on me). Maybe I’m allowed to edit my BCA nominations, you never know.


EDIT: I don’t know whether or not I can edit my nominations, but if there is one thing I know I CAN’T edit, it’s my poll. And I can’t be arsed to make a new one. So if you bastards and bitches think I should really switch one of my above nominations for “Worst blog ever”, you’ll have to leave me a comment. And if you don’t, you have to leave me a comment too. And if you just don’t care, then you MUST leave me a comment.


RE-EDIT: The nomination for “Most obnoxious blogger” is now here to stay, and cannot be switched for the “Worst blog” one anymore. That is because someone (other than me) actually voted for me. From the site. No shit. They must really hate me. Wow. I’m paranoid now.

Well, I asked for it, I guess… It’s starting to look like this little narcissistic enterprise of mine might turn against me after all… Hmm… Well, it’s too late to go back now!


So here’s the poll. Now, don’t make me regret creating it. I’m already starting to regret nominating myself for most obnoxious blogger, so don’t push it. I’m over the edge enough as it is. Be kind. By telling me that Rebel Without A Clue deserves to be nominated for “Best blog ever”.

Or don’t. “Best blog ever” is more flattering, but less funny than “Most obnoxious blogger”. So pick “Best humour blog” instead. Yeah, that’s the one.


Oh, I’ve just remembered! Maybe it would be nice if I told you what the poll’s about, wouldn’t it?

Well, although I’m full willing to nominate myself for as many things as I’m nominatable for, I don’t want my blog to be encumbered by a gazillion “Vote for me!” banners and buttons and stuff. I just want one. OK, maybe two. But not four.

And because that bloke who voted for me for “most obnoxious blogger” totally freaked me out, now I can’t think straight and decide for myself which category represents me the best. Hence the poll.

You get it now?

OK. So go vote, and keep scrolling after the poll, because i have more stuff to tell you.


But vote first.


No shit. Vote.


If you don’t vote, I’ll steal your cat, and give it to my cat. And it won’t be fun for one of them. Which one has yet to be determined, depending on what your cat’s like.



Did you vote?


OK. Now, I need you to do something else. See all the buttons below? They’re like, demos. Demos you can click on. And you are the lucky fucks who get to pick which one(s) of these will be promoted from demo to non-demo.

However, in the meantime, nothing stops you from trying them to see if they all work and which one is the most fun to click on.

So knock yourselves out!


My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog!


My site was nominated for Best Blog of All Time! My site was nominated for Most Obnoxious Blogger!


PS: This poll will be open until either:

– I get tired of it

– I find a way to close it

– I forget about it


But for now, it’s open, so go vote. 🙂


2 Responses to “Look! It’s a POLL!”

  1. sunnyberra March 30, 2009 at 10:28 pm #

    Wheee! I say humor blog, all the way (well, to me a humor blog [and one that is *actually* funny to boot] is the best, anyway). But, I did think ‘best blog about stuff’ was a good one, too *g*

    And–maybe the dude that voted you as most obnoxious blogger actually meant it in a flirty way, right? Kinda like a backwards way of saying ‘I wanna have your virtual babies’ or something….yeah, that doesn’t make it less weird, though. Huh.

    BTW, I gotta find a way to get your updates on blogger, ’cause I haven’t been on BC lately, and I think I’ve missed a few updates. 😦

    Now, I’ve gotta go toddle off to make an account to vote for your blog…


  2. salomey5 March 30, 2009 at 10:40 pm #

    Sunny, you have no idea how much you just cheered me up right now… Just when I needed it. 🙂

    Let me just give you a huge virtual hug for the time being. I’ll be back later with something bitchy to say. It’s rare, but right now, I have nothing.

    Thank you. 🙂


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