The Diablo review – Top 9

1 Apr


First of all let me just say that this is without a doubt the absolute WORST season of AI yet! There are only 3 really talented people left and the rest are just horrible IMO, or nothing more than average karaoke singers that have no business being in such a big talent search! Well here is what I thought of the performances tonight!

Anoop – This guy has no business being on this show and has ZERO chance of ever becoming a star. Karaoke medioicrity at its most mediocre!

Megan – She’s very pretty but WHO CARES?! Her voice is mediocre at best.

Danny – I HATE this smug bastard! And WTF are the judges smoking?! Whatever it is, they’re exhaling it right up his ass! HE SUCKS! Rascal Flatts sucks bad enough, but at least their lame-ass singer can hit a high note, he didn’t even attempt to hit the high notes on this song because he doesn’t have the range to hit them! God I hope this arrogant smug bastard gets sent packing soon!

Allison – The best singer on the show this year without a doubt! Win or lose, she will go far in music!

Scott – More generic mediocrity!

Matt – This guy is HORRIBLE! And his arrogant cocky smug attitude certainly doesn’t help at all. I’ve seen people perform better their first time to ever sing at an open mic night! Please let this wanker be sent packing soon too!

Lil’ – Good voice but generic!

Adam – The bastard grandchild of Elvis can sing his gay ass off! Man I wish I had pipes like that!

Kris – Very good, he’ll do well after AI, I have no doubt about that!

Of the nine left, there are only three with actual talent, three that are just mediocre and three that I am just simply baffled by the fact they’re on the show!





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2 Responses to “The Diablo review – Top 9”

  1. stoneskin April 8, 2009 at 12:27 pm #

    LOL. I love your style. Ever read Charlie Brooker? If not, do so, you’ll love him.



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