Diablo’s AI review, 4/7/09

8 Apr

Well its ‘Songs From The Year You Were Born’ week at AI. I’ve always thought this was one of the lamest theme’s they do, oh well! This is what I thought of the performances tonight, agree, disagree, call me an idiot, whatever, I don’t care!

Danny Gokey – Stand By Me (6/10) I don’t get any of the hype about this guy, he is completely mediocre! His voice is WAY too whiney for my taste, I would never listen to anyone that sings like him. He isn’t even what I would consider a good gospel singer, he can’t hold a candle to Steve Green! I hear absolutely NOTHING special or great about this guy, he is booring and completely generic!

Kris Allen – All She Wants To Do Is Dance (7/10) I have always HATED this song! He sings it OK and I like the fact that he did it differently than the original. There are TONS of better songs from 1985 that he could’ve picked from though!

Lil Rounds – What’s Love Got To Do With It? (5/10) She just doesn’t have the GRIT to pull off Tina Turner! This starts out OK but near the end she goes so far off key that its painful to listen to. Not good at all! This went from just OK to really bad very quickly!

Anoop Desai – True Colors (7/10) I was ready to rip him to shreds because I do not feel like he should’ve even been given the wild card spot but this was surprisingly good! Actually, this is the best I’ve ever heard him sound, very smooth and soulful with a nice vocal tone, good job!

Scott MacIntyre – The Search Is Over (3/10) Next to REO Speedwagon’s Can’t Fight This Feeling, this is one of the absolute WORST songs of the 80’s, total CRAP! His voice is very weak, this is just bad both on song choice and his terrible vocals! I thought he was blind, this sounds like he’s deaf too! Plus he loses points with me for playing a POS Ibanez guitar, which is completely ridiculous being that AI has a nice arsenal of PRS guitars for him to choose from! Worst of the night by far!

Allison Iraheta – I Can’t Make You Love Me (8.5/10) GREAT FREAKING SONG! This girl has so much warmth, soul and passion in her voice that I just cannot believe she is only SIXTEEN! She sings with a passion and soul of someone three times her age. There is just so much strength and control in her voice that it is amazing. Win or lose, she is going to be a STAR!

Matt Giraud – Part-Time Lover (5/10) I HATE this smug bastard, he comes off so cocky that he could have the greatest voice in the world and I still wouldn’t want to hear him. But he DOESN’T have the greatest voice in the world! MOF, I think he has a weak and whiney voice and I think Allison sings with more balls than this wanker! LAME!!!

Adam Lambert – ??? (7/10) I didn’t catch the name of this song and I’ve never heard it before, I know there are plenty of songs from ’82 that are much better than this but I guess he wanted to do something a little obscure to stand out and I can’t fault him for that! This guy is a great singer but to me this was weak and whiney, far from being his best performance!

To me this season is nowhere nearly as good as last. Last year there were 5 really GREAT singers in the top 10, this year, only 2 IMO! I just hope one of those two actually wins!
Best to worst tonight IMO:



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