Diablo’s AI review, 4/21/09

30 Apr

Disco night, oh boy my favorite genre of music ever…………….NOT! Lets just hope the contestants change up the songs a bit so they don’t suck as much as they originally did. Sure there were a few good songs of the disco era, but the disco era production ruined them. Lets hope the contestants don’t sing them all in disco style! Here we go!

Lil – (I’m Every Woman) 7/10 This is one of her best performances yet IMO! She’s not doing anything special with the song or changing it up in anyway but she is singing it very well. And that damn suit she’s wearing is pretty distracting I must say, but I LIKE IT! I gotta say, she looks SMOKIN HOT tonight! I think the judges were unfairly harsh to her. She did great!

Kris – (She Works hard For The Money) 8/10 If he keeps this up he could actually win the whole thing! This is what David did last year and it worked out well for him. Putting a totally different spin on a song and pulling it of perfectly is certainly the way to go! He could be the dark horse spoiler that shocks everyone and actually wins. Is he as good of a singer as Adam? NO! But he’s damn good and he just keeps getting better. Way to go Kris!

Danny – (September) 5/10 Poor Danny, he’s going to have rectal cancer by the time this show is over with all the smoke the judges keep blowing up his ass! This is generic mediocrity at its most generic and mediocre! He is the equivalent of vocal rice cakes to me, stale, bland and completely lacking in any substance whatsoever! This is completely vapid, phoney and embarrassing to me. I cannot stand this smug arrogant bastard.

Allison – (Hot Stuff) 9/10 Since she is only 16, I will refrain from making any sexual comments about her wanting some ‘hot stuff tonight’. This is a cool arrangement and yet another GREAT vocal performance from Allison. I just LOVE her sexy, sultry voice and I hope she has a very long and lasting career, I’m sure she will with a voice like that.

Adam – (If I Can’ Have You) 8.5/10 Another great way to change up a song and turn it into something completely different. Way to go Adam! The subtlety he’s showing is just amazing, his control is perfect. He almost pushed it over the top, but he stopped short of that, which was a good thing. Yet another GREAT Adam Lambert performance!

Matt – (Stayin Alive) 4/10 Thanks to the stupid judges save, I have to see this complete DOUCHE on my TV for yet another week! THANKS IDIOTS! I’m still baffled as to how this wanker made the top 12 and I cannot for the life of me understand why the judges used their save on him! This is HORRRIBLE. I love the line in the song “I’m going nowhere”. Yes Matt, when it comes to a musical career, you are certainly going nowhere. Lets just hope you GO HOME tomorrow night and return to whatever crappy piano bar you crawled out from never to be heard from, ever again!

Anoop 6/10 I didn’t hear Ryan say the name of this song and I have no idea what it is. Anoop has a really good ballad voice, there is no doubt about that, but that’s as far as his talent goes IMO! When the song picks up, I lose interest completely. Stick to the ballads arrangements Anoop. Don’t worry about it actually, I’m sure you’ll be going home tomorrow, I just hope and pray that Matt goes too! This wasn’t bad, but it was nothing special.
Well, that is MY opinion of the performances tonight.

Best to worst IMO:






To me there were 3 GREAT performances, one good one, one mediocre one and two completely HORRIBLE ones!



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