Diablo’s AI review, 4/28/09

30 Apr

I honestly think that Simon was playing the devils advocate for the most part tonight saying the exact opposite of what he really thought. That’s just my opinion though! Well here is what I thought of the performances tonight, the brutal truth the way I saw, or should I say, heard it!

Rat-pack week, which means booring standards that will be hard to sit through. Well here goes:

Kris – (The Way You Look Tonight) 7.5/10 How funny would it be if this dark horse underdog actually on the whole thing? It could happen and I’d certainly rather see him win than Danny and especially Matt. His voice is very smooth and suble on this one and full of emotion. Plus, when he goes falsetto, he doesn’t sound like a total wimp like some other contestant *cough*MATT*cough*. Very good job from Kris, way to go!

Allison – (Someone To Watch Over Me) 9.5/10 IMO this is the best performance of the entire season. This was completely excellent from the very first note she sang. The melody is pretty difficult and she just nailed it. The vulnerability and raw emotion in her voice on this one is nothing short of brilliant. And BTW, she looks absolutely adorable tonight! Happy belated birthday Allison.

Matt – (My Funny Valentine) 5/10 Just when I thought this tool couldn’t look anymore douchey, he somehow manages too with the gayest hat I have ever seen! This was terrible from the second he opened his mouth. There were a few moments (very few) where it was OK, but for the most part this was completely horrible. Zero soul, zero emotion, this was just mediocre karaoke CRAP!!! The melody to this song is tough and he completely blew it! Please dear Lord in Heaven let this bastard be sent packing tomorrow night. He didn’t deserve the Wild Card spot and he sure as hell didn’t deserve the SAVE 2 weeks ago! Send this guy back to the land of obscurity right next to Chris Richardson, PLEASE!!!

Danny – (Come Rain Or Come Shine) 7/10 I would have only given him a 6 out of 10, but he earned an extra point with the ending of this one! He does have a pretty good vocal tone but I still don’t hear any true emotion in his singing. Its very robotic and contrived sounding to me. He just comes off as very fake to me. But again, the ending was pretty good!

Adam – (Feeln’ Good) 9/10 The only one tonight to actually attempt to change the song up and not sound like some 50’s lounge singer, way to go Adam! Seriously, the others here just don’t come anywhere close to Adam when it comes to pure vocal ability, with the slight exception of Allison. My only complaint about this was that it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too short. Just when it was getting great, it was over! I HATE these under 2 minute arrangements they have to perform! But its another one knocked out of the park for Adam Lambert anyway. I can’t wait to hear what he’s going to do on ROCK NIGHT! That is sooooo gonna kick ass!


So for me, there were two great performances, two good ones and one HORRIBLE POS! Best to worst MO:






Please God let Matt be send home tomorrow night so I never have to have my TV screen darkened by that douche ever again, Thank you Lord, AMEN!



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