Diablo’s AI review, 5/12/09

13 May

Two songs each tonight, but personally I’d just rather hear them sing ONE entire song as opposed to two chopped, up under two minute versions of two different songs, but that’s the way it goes!


Danny Gokey – (Dance Little Sister) 7/10 OK, I’ll do my best to not completely bash Gokey but I can only call his vocal style pseudo-soul. It is NOT genuine to my ears at all. Way to go Paula for picking a POS song for him to sing, WTF were you thinking? This song is LAME but Danny sings it pretty good. The jazz scat in the middle was kinda cool and much better than that idiot Blake Lewis and his ridiculous beatboxing BS! I’d give him a higher rating if this were a better song. He did a good job considering what he had to work with!

Kris Allen – (Apologize) 6.5/10 Randy and Kara are the ones that need to apologize to Kris for forcing him to sing this horrible POS! Sorry Kara, but EVERYONE does NOT know this song. I don’t listen to bland modern rock CRAP like this! Kris did it OK, I guess, but you can’t polish a turd and this song is one HUGE steaming POS!!!

Adam Lambert – (One) 9/10 Mary J. Blige wishes she could sing this song that good. Then again, so does Bono! This is damn near flawless! I love the sound of his voice at the beginning, he should sing that way more often. The POWER and seemingly effortless ability in which he hits high notes is just amazing. I have never heard a singer, with the exception of Rob Halford, be able to hit high notes so easily! Round one, ADAM!


Second song!

Danny – (You Are So Beautiful) 8/10 Now if Danny would just get all wasted crazy like Joe Cocker he could really pull this off with REAL SOUL and not his own personal brand of pseudo-soul, but he he does a damn good job anyway! This is actually the best vocal I’ve heard from this guy and the subtle arrangement worked really well. Nice job D!

I know, can you believe it? I actually said something good about Danny, whoa!
Kris – (Heartless) 9/10 ANYONE that can turn a Kanye West song into something even remotely listenable to me deserves TONS of credit! Way to go Kris! This is nothing short of a miracle in my opinion. Performing solo acoustic like this is NOT easy and he deserves extra credit for pulling that off wonderfully as well! I haven’t heard the original version, but I can only imagine that it has those HORRIBLE auto-tuned vocals like the other KW songs I’ve heard. That’s what people like Kanye have to do because they CAN’T SING! Kris Allen on the other hand CAN SING and he certainly proved it with this performance!!!

Adam – (Cryin’) 9/10 Thank you Adam for showing Gokey how to properly sing an Aerosmith song! Who is the sound man though? Someone please tell me so I can BITCH SLAP THE HELL OUT OF HIM! Hey JERK, turn the background singer DOWN, she is practically drowning Adam out! How idiots like him get gigs like he has is simply beyond me. Other than the sound man being a complete IDIOT, this was GREAT! Actually it was freaking AWESOME! My only complaint is that it was waaaaaay too short! I HATE these chopped up, under two minute AI arrangements! Anyway, great job Adam, see you in the finale’ next week!


Well there ya go, the DIABLO review for the week!



4 Responses to “Diablo’s AI review, 5/12/09”

  1. Sam May 15, 2009 at 1:16 pm #

    I’ve heard a whole lot of good things about Adam Lambert, but which performance is his best one so far ?


  2. chrysanti May 20, 2009 at 2:32 am #

    Bravo kris allen!!! hihihi…

    greeting from Malaysia.. 🙂


  3. oscar wright August 5, 2009 at 1:46 am #

    Rach, man I love your energy and your attitude. I am American who teach tango in Rome. Two cool things; tango and Rome (ok me too). Come take a lesson from me somtime. You would love tango and hate it at the same time (like your men). Here is my latest tango video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-5X1VPtwec


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