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Yet another Survivor podcast

23 Jun

Well, sorta. It’s really more like a YouTube video, minus the video part. Reason for that is that I couldn’t figure out how to extract the audio part and I didn’t have the time to learn how to do it because it’s festival season

Let me explain a little better. Then after that, if you think you can handle listening to two Canadians yabbering about what is now old Survivor news for three hours with funny accents (mine, especially), press the play button below (or click on the link in case embedding videos turns out to be another thing I can’t figure out.)

So I met Craig – my co-host – two or three years ago through a couple of the gazillion Survivor Facebook groups I’m a part of. In spite of a few somewhat heated discussions, we always got along well and are known to often engage in back-and-forth banter within those groups.

The idea of recording a podcast is his. It’s something that had crossed my mind a few times previously, but I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to do it, and let’s face it, I didn’t look very hard. I think I asked one person during Cagayan, they said “Meh” and that was pretty much it. After that, my interest in the idea waned quite a bit because the two seasons that followed Cagayan were nowhere near as good, and the prospect of podcasting about them wasn’t particularly appealing.

But all that changed at the beginning of last month, when Survivor decided to American Idol the viewers by “letting us pick the cast for next season”.

Now, let’s get real; we didn’t pick nada. All we did was narrow down the cast of thirty-two people they had picked down to twenty. If Survivor has learned one thing from Idol, it is that leaving this kind of responsibility in the hands of millions of couch potatoes is, well, irresponsible. (See: American Idol cancellation. See also: even with a pool of thirty-two people to choose from, we still managed to fuck up, because unless he has a fantastic ghost writer, as far as I know, Shane Powers is on Twitter and not in Cambodia like he should be. Just sayin’. Sorry guys, I’m still seething.)

But I digress. Back to the podcast and to why it exists. About halfway through season 30, Survivor finally agrees with the rest of us that the season doesn’t deserve the hype they gave it in the first place, and to stop us from whining about how Dan is sexist and Will is an asshole, they distract us with The Vote. And boy did it work. Shits were no longer given about Dan’s sexism, Will’s assholery, or season 30 in general, because we were too busy discussing who we were voting for, listening to podcasts featuring the season 31 hopefuls whoring themselves out to get back on the show, then heading back online to dissect what they said.

And it’s during one of these discussions that Craig threw the idea of doing a podcast or some kind of round table blog post about the Second Chance hoopla. And I jumped on it. Not only had I found someone interested in doing a podcast, but it was also happening at a time when I was particularly fired up. I mean, let’s be real, the whole voting process was pretty awesome; I hadn’t seen such a fever in the Survivor community in a long time, and it was really cool to be a part of it. So I enthusiastically said yes to Craig’s suggestion.

There was only one little problem: neither of us had the slightest clue as to how one records a podcast.

Fast forward a month, a LOT of Googling, and a significant amount of bandwidth spent messaging back and forth, and there you are. We created the monster. A three hours long audio-only YouTube video. In which we talk about stuff that was hot several weeks ago. But since Dalton Ross is still posting these thank you notes from the Second Chances cast on Instagram, I figure it’s still OK for us to post a three hours long non-video about something that happened over a month ago.

So there it is. In all its unedited glory, because it’s festival season in Montreal and most of my free time these days is spent downtown, standing in front of a stage, watching a band perform. Not the best place to read Audacity’s user manual.

But if there is a next time and we decide to do another podcast, I promise we will make more of an effort. However, for the time being, this is what you get. It’s a little long and we do get off topic more than once, but overall, we find that for a first effort from two complete podcasting noobs, it’s actually not that bad. (Plus my best friend listened to it and said it was good. Coming from someone who has me as a best friend, it’s gotta be true.)

So there you are. Enjoy. Or not. Feel free to give us your feedback. And don’t make fun of my accent or I’ll unfollow you on Twitter.