REBEL WITHOUT A CLUE: Not crazy, just dysfunctional


Dear readers and accidental passers-by,

I really don’t feel like writing a profile. So here is a list of three things I love, three things I hate, and three things about me.

I love:





I hate:


Spicy foods



Three things about me:

I smoke

I wear size 8 shoes

I have a love/hate relashionship with men.


There. I hope you’re happy.

Now that the bio is out of the way, here is my contact info, which you will also find scattered all over my blog, because I’m really desperate for friends.


My WP profile:



My Technorati stuff that i don’t quite understand how it works or what it does, but I read that it was good to have it, so there you have it.

Profile for salomey5


If you’re the stalker type but missed the link in my blogroll, go and become my MyFace friend at:


I was also stupid enough to sign up on Twitter, so you may contribute to prevent me from having a life by following me at:




If you have the irrepressible need to tell me that:

-you love me

-you hate me

-you’d love to punch me in my filthy mouth

-you wish you could personally wash the aforementioned filthy mouth with soap

-you would like to take me out for sushi and + if affinities

-you have found a dead link somewhere on my blog and want me to fix it

but find that leaving a comment is below you, and desire to communicate with me and only me alone, type a message in the big white box below and whine or praise to your heart’s content. And no one but me will see it, promise!


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