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Useless filler post

1 May

Just to say that I’m still alive.

And also to say hello.

As well as to apologize for again, neglecting my blog as well as you guys who take the time to read it and comment on it. Yeah, I’m majorly kissing your ass, I’m aware of that, but I’m feeling kinda guilty about being so sucky at keeping up with my one and only and minuscule blog, and the handful of people who bother to check it out and leave their thoughts.

The problem is, I’ve added yet a new addiction to my already large and ever-growing series of existing addictions: Twitter. That’s fucking great, because I needed to get hooked on Twitter about as much as I needed a second anus.

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Look! It’s a POLL!

28 Mar


Yeay, I made my first poll!

Not as much for your entertainment, mind you, as because I need your help. Let me explain.

In an attempt to quench my insatiable thirst  for attention, any kind of attention, even negative attention, I nominated my own blog in every single Blogger’s Choice Awards category that would have me (and which seemed remotely relevant to Rebel Without A Clue), and they are the following:

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Post This On Your Blog

5 Mar


The following is a post by the famous author Cheezmunky, who threatened to personally deliver me bags of dogshit if I didn’t publish it, thus leaving me no choice.

Well, actually, that’s bollocks, he doesn’t know where I live, so I could have told him to go fuck himself, but I’m a lady, and I don’t say shit like that.

Anyway, I will eventually (probably) write a post explaining who the hell Cheezmunky is, but not now, because I need to go and blog about how much of a steaming pile of crap American Idol is.

For the time being, all you need to know about him is that he’s a strange creature who, like me, haunts the IMDb Idol board, and because I like weirdos, he became an online buddy of mine.

And he can also write.

So ladies and gentlemen, I bring you: A POST BY CHEEZMUNKY!!!


Yep. I finagled my way onto a website that looks like someone spent some time on it. I’ve never been motivated to “sign up for a free blog” and “design the layout” and “self-promote.” I like to write about random topics but starting them is always a hard thing for me to do. I do better at comments. And sure, I’ve posted outstandingly hilarious comments here and there across the web, but there’s no money in being an “internet commentator.” Everybody comments on the internet. But there’s no profession for it. That’s the job that I want! Professional Bloggentator. You post your blogs and then someone, perhaps a competing blogger, pays me to comment on your blog and prove your blog to be false and inferior to my employer’s blog. The first blog entry to receive this treatment might possibly be titled “Man Gets Paid to Comment on Blogs.” I’d rip that one a new one.

There’s also no money in what I’m doing right now. I’m just doing this for the hell of it. And speaking of hell, the love of money is the root of all evil. Root down and get it. Peace and love.


P.B. And Jesus will knock over ATM’s if they ever put them inside churches. He has a history of doing that.

P.P.B. “P.B.” stands for Post Blog. I’m not writing a script so I see no point in using “P.S.”

(OK, salomey. There’s some shit to put on your blog. Oh wait… I fucking forgot to swear like you suggested….uhhh, lets see…. Fuck it. Its already typed. Fuck it.)


In case you wonder…

28 Feb

…where my “Wait!!!” post has gone, for the ones of you who commented on it and were curious to read the witty pearls of wisdom that I may or may not have left in response to yours, I haven’t deleted it, just moved it.

Turns out that it was confusing some readers, because it was pinned at the top of my homepage, and since it was dated from January, some folks simply thought I wasn’t updating. I had an idea that it might eventually happen, and it did last night, so I figured the time had come to get rid of it.

That post was sort of a disclaimer warning the potential reader of the abundance of swear words in my blog. But by now, I think it’s safe to assume that most of my readers know I have a foul mouth, and the ones who don’t will find out soon enough.

Furthermore, reading the word: “Fuck” has never killed anyone, as far as I know.

You may find this wunderbar piece of prose HERE, and while I’m at it, and because you can never pimp your own shit too much, I would like to make a swift nod in the direction of the brand new disclaimer which I wrote (in part) last night.

I’m extremely proud of it since it’s about the only thing on this blog that makes sense. Which is probably because I stole most of it from someone who happens to be sane.



10 Jan

Before you start scrolling down…


First of all, hello and welcome to the twisted world of Rebel Without A Clue: Not crazy, just dysfunctional, which, let’s face it, isn’t all that twisted, although it is indeed rather dysfunctional.

Now that I’ve  figured how to create a sticky post,  I thought I’d use that newly acquired knowledge to share some valuable information with you guys.


Should you find yourself, for one reason or another, landing on this here blog, and are either a 13 years old, a born-again Christian, or simply easily offended, you might not like it here.

I swear like a sailor, harbour a profound dislike for the preachy hyper-religious types, and enjoy taking the piss at a vast array of people, including… well, everyone.

So if you disapprove of my over-the-top use of the F word, my Elisabeth Hasselbeck bashing, or my habit of randomly inserting sex and drug-consumption scenes in my American Idol “recaps”, I beseech you, turn away. NOW. Here’s the exit door. Good-bye, and thanks for dropping by. (And for the record, that website is not as nauseating as its name would seem to indicate, so don’t be scared of clicking on it.)

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Big huge announcement…!

1 May


In case you’re completely stupid or something…


(A theme is one of the 65 differents blog designs offered by, if you were wondering. And if you’re also wondering, 65 themes is NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH. More themes, WordPress!)

After a few month with “Quentin”, may I introduce you to “Cutline”, my new theme.

I know, it’s another pretty useless post, since you can totally see that for yourselves, but I’m trying to bump Diablo’s review down, because right now, he’s getting all the attention, whereas no one has yet read my “Crazy-ass shit” post, and I’m jealous.

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Assortment of Whiny, Totally Irrelevant And Not All That Interesting Musings

22 Apr

NOTE: I was trying to get on with last week’s “recap”, when, as usual, I went totally off-tangent. I originally started to write a “little” off-topic section in the middle of my “recap” (which isn’t finished, by the way). Then when I saw that this “little” OT section was turning into a full-blown post, I figured I might as well make it one.


OK, you guys, this is another whiny entry. Hit the road if you’re not in the mood.

This has been yet again, a shitty last few days, and again, instead of getting off my ass and facing reality, I’ve chosen to spend most of my days sitting in here, feeling depressed, wallowing in self-pity, and spending WAY too much time on the web, because it is such an easy escape. Which usually leads me to feel guilty about it, give myself a lot of shit for it, then end up feeling sorry for myself again, and do it all over again the next day.


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