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Thoughts on the American Idol 7 finale

22 May

OK, a few quick post-show notes…

It’s been a great finale, I must say…


Here’s how it went for me: I owed Ian a couple of birthday beers, so we went out for a couple tonight, and because of that I missed the first 20 minutes of the show.

When I came in, Syesha and Seal were dueting together, and although I missed the start of it, it sounded pretty cool.


Then I have to say, fuck chronology, because I didn’t take any notes until about 9pm, but here are some of my observations:


The Syesha and Donna Summer group cheese was actually one of the best group cheese ever. That’s a good song for six angry chicks (and angry, rightly so: didn’t they lose the whole thing to two Davids, after all?). And Donna Summer is cool. And she can still sing. And I’ve never managed to hate Syesha this whole season, although I did threaten to.

But yeah, that was cool. And was it just me not paying attention, or did Syesha’s mike stopped working and Donna passed her hers? Anyway, whether it did happen or I just dreamed it, it was cool too.

One last thing: Amanda didn’t seem to hate this particular group cheese, and I thought she did pretty good as far as the dancing part was concerned.

Oh, and can someone remind me why Ramiele ever was in this competition? Besides to provide me with an outlet for all my online nastiness?

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American Idol 7 “recap” – Top 5 results

12 May


Hi. How are you guys doing? Did you know that having your hockey team getting its ass kicked out of the series by stupid Philadelphia sucks? I’ve been mulling over this since Saturday night. I’m sure it will pass.

Do you remember last week’s episode of Idol? The one where Sunshine finally goes bye-bye, and I lose of my favourite scapegoats of the season?

Yes? I’m gonna try to “recap” it, in less words than usual. Let’s see if I’m up for the challenge!


American Idol 7 “recap” top 5 results show!!!

I’m late, I miss the start, and walk in mid group-cheese, and… ah damn, I didn’t take notes for this part… I remember thinking: “I’ll watch it online”. So I have nothing to write about yet, but I don’t feel like watching Idol at the moment, so I’ll just move on to the next part, for which I have notes, and edit this one later. It’ll be fun, you see.

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American Idol 7 “Recap” – Top 5

5 May


OK this has got to be the goofiest episode of Idol this season! I laughed tonight, seriously. Between Ryan on speed, Paula on acid, and more than half of the contestants on some unidentified narcotics, this has got to be one of my favourite shows this season.

So first of all, I’d like to inform all of you that there will be no sex in this “recap”, because we don’t have time. Not even for a quickie, because we’re that much in a rush.

Seriously, I stopped taking notes at the end, because so much stuff was happening, I said “Fuck it, I’ll re-watch it online”. I don’t even mind re-watching it, because it was that funny.

In fact, I should just post the whole show here, and let you re-watch it, but, as I mentioned in my previous post, (the one that has nothing to do with idol, and all to do with crazy-ass thrill rides in Las Vegas), messing around with pictures and videos, given that there is a new bug with WordPress, turned out to be a right pain in the ass, so I’ll just go back to my old method of “recapping” using too many words, and a couple of links, instead of playing around with HTML some more.

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The DIABLO American Idol Review. 4/29/08.

30 Apr


After a week off, here is the DIABLO review, back with wonderful BULLHEADED TENACITY (a very fitting description someone used on me earlier). So her goes MOTHERFUCKERS!!!

As always, FUCK what the judges have to say. I’ve played more live gigs than both Paula and Randy combined and for Simon music is only about $$$ and not true artistry, so I could really give a flying fuck what they have to say. I’ll probably watch again and listen to a few of their comments out of curiousity though!

Neil Diamond night, this should be interesting, Neil has certainly written tons of great songs that fit into almost every genre! Here we go!


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American Idol 7 “Recap” – Top 6 Results

29 Apr

Ok, this is my current standing as far as “recapping” goes:

-Top 8 performances: about a third written

-Top 8 results: zip

Top 7 results: somewhere between a quarter and a third written

Top 6 performances: haven’t even watched the show yet.

So I decided to try something new, again.

Last night, I was making a lame attempt at “recapping”, when idol came on. And bizarrely enough, I didn’t even feel like watching it.

I’ve stated my dislike for all things Andrew Lloyd Webber before, so that wasn’t much of an incentive to start with, especially after having to suffer through Divah Carey last week.

Plus, as I over-explained in my useless whiny “Oh my life sucks so bad, and by the way, did you see the riot for the Habs quarter-finals?” post, I had an Idol OD. From the show, from almost incessantly babbling about it on the board, from not getting my “recaps” in on time, and then stressing out like crazy about it, but also from something else.

As I stated, I spend way too much time on the internets, and more specifically, on message boards. And lately, I have witnessed a mega-huge wave of estrogen-fueled fantardiness towards my David.

I personally tend to blame Michael Australia for this, since he’s responsible for taking half of the male eye-candy away from the show; because, apparently, not every woman in the world is into my David “that” way. And I can understand why. I mean, I’ve always found Michael Australia attractive, I mean, he IS attractive, but he’s not like, fantasy material for me. But he is for many women.

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The DIABLO review. 4/15/08

18 Apr

 I love taping this show and just watching the performances back, it saves so much time. 7 songs all under 2 minutes, I love it. I could watch it even quicker if I wasn’t using an old school VHS and having to FF thru the extranious BS! Well here goes my take on the night:) 

David Archuleta – [this review has been deleted by the admins]

EDIT: Actually what I really thought of this little fucker is that is was boring as hell and it sounded just like every other whiney nasally piece of SHIT he’s done all year. Fuck this little kid, I am fucking sick of seeing his mediocre ass on my TV every week. GO THE FUCK HOME!!! You know what, I shouldn’t be so angry with him, it isn’t his fault there are million os STUPID FUCKING TONE DEAF LITTLE TWEENYBOPPER BITCHES THAT WOULDN’T KNOW TALENT IF IT PINCHED THE SHIT OUT OF THEIR PUBESCENT FUCKING LITTLE NIPPLES!!! So I appolize to Arch, Continue reading

New Rebellious contributor: DIABLO!!!

18 Apr


Listen y’all!!!

Rebel Without A Clue has new stuff: reviews!!

Oh, no, not by me, I don’t really write about the show. Idol is only an excuse for me to make up fucked-up stories and talk a lot about David Cook.

So, I found myself a contributor, who answers (online anyway) to the name of Diablo.

Diablo is, like me, a poster on the IMDB Idol message board, and he posts weekly reviews of Idol over there every week.

Given that the IMDB Idol forum is pretty active, threads get lost in the shuffle very quickly, plus, there’s a troll problem right now, random threads get constantly reported, we can’t even discuss the guys’ penises in peace without getting our posts deleted, and it’s really annoying, and this is why I suggested to Diablo that I could post his reviews here, so that they’d have a chance to last for more than 30 minutes.

You guys should totally come check the IMDB Idol board, it’s a lot of fun!

No seriously, it is.


So I’ll leave the rest up to Diablo. Feel free to comment, curse, whine, approve, etc…


Welcome, Diablo!