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Today on the View: Babs is back, Sherri is undecided, Elisabeth will make her point after the break… or not.

31 Oct

OK, before I start, here are the videos. The same old bullshit argument even I’m getting tired of starts around the middle of part 1. Man, I can’t wait for Tuesday. New stuff to talk about, on the View, on the news, everywhere. I’m Canadian, and I’m sick of the damn campaign.

At the beginning of part 2, as Whoopi goes to commercial without letting Elisabeth defend the Republican Party and everyone in it, you’ll find the basis for my “Are “they” muzzling Screech?” conspiracy theory, explained further below.

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This week on the View: Where the F has all the good drama gone?

29 Oct

I started to write the following entry on Sunday, then halfway through, decided to go shopping, and ended up falling into a trap full of beer and white wine. I’d like to apologize for that, although the ensuing hangover was punishment in itself.

Originally, this piece was going to be a plea to Barbara Walters. A plea for the public humiliation of EH, live, on the air.

The reason why I was asking for this goes back to this week-end.

In fact, no, it goes back even further than that. Precisely, all the way to September 4th, when Hasselbeck introduced Cindy McCain at some Republican luncheon, and said the following:

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The View and I: The Backstory

23 Oct

For years, my favourite TV show was Survivor.

It is, after all, understandable. It has drama, suspense, excitement, plotting, strategizing, backstabbing, and a very generous helping of people voluntarily making complete asses of themselves. What’s not to like, right?

But sorry Mark Burnett, your show has been bumped, and ironically enough, by your own fault.

What’s that you say? What do I mean by your own fault? Let me explain.

You, Mark Burnett, are single-handedly, although unwillingly (I assume) responsible for creating a monster. Remember cute Elisabeth Filarsky, Survivor Australia’s America’s sweetheart?
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