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AGS: Adventure Games Studio

13 Dec

If you are a fan of the old Sierra/Lucas Art point-and-click adventure games and aren’t a snob when it comes to graphics quality (AGS’ are basic, to say the least), then chances are that Adventure Game Studio will provide you with plenty of hours of pixel hunting, puzzle solving, manic objects collecting, and all the good stuff that these old adventure games provided.

One of the wonderful thing about AGS, is that it’s free.

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Game review: Farm Frenzy

12 Jul

Didn’t I say I would eventually review this game? Like, a year ago or something?

Well, better late than never I guess…

The thing is, although it’s been released quite a while back, Farm Frenzy still is one of the best casual/time management games out there, in my humble opinion.

I’m a pretty seasoned gamer, and I have either completed, or at least sampled many a time management game out there, and to be quite honest, at this point, I find the large majority of them to be either repetitive (like Diner Dash, which was dead fun at the start, until I figured out the never-changing strategy which allowed me to beat all the levels in expert mode), too easy to complete (like Flower Shop: Big City Break), or, more often than not, both (like Fab Fashion, or Babysitting Mania).

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Miss Management review

16 Mar


I LOVED that game. For me, the first truly original take on Diner Dash.

The set-up of MM is an office. You are Denise, the new manager, and your job is to delegate tasks to your team of co-workers. The team changes as you progress through the game, since some employees quit.
That is the very fun aspect of MM. The characters are very well developed, and all have their little quirks. You have Mahavir, the Don Juan who flirts at the water-cooler with almost every girl at the office. You have Winston, the nerd, who enjoys technical tasks and playing video games. You have Tara, the shy artist, who gets constantly harassed by Pearl, a dictator-like employee who has been working for the firm for decades and tries to take over the office; Duncan, the very dumb boss who keeps coming up with very dumb ideas, Brooke, the CEO, exercise junkie, who’s an expert at everything but tends to stress out easily, Luke, the nature loving bio-freak hippie, Ashley, the bimbo in search of a rich husband and so on.

Each level starts with a cutscene, exposing all the recent office drama. Each level represents a few days (two, three, then more as you advance in the game). Your objective is to achieve a given number of goals (which change every level) in the given number of days. Continue reading

Me, overexplaining why I like video games.

16 Mar

I’m a gamer.
A pretty hardcore one at that.

From the first time I got my hand on my neighbour’s clumsy plasticky barely portable “Space Invaders”, I was hooked.
I somehow even managed to convince my dad to get an Atari console (second hand, I think, but who cares), which resulted in my hurrying back from school every day to play Pac-Man. At which, back then, I kicked ass. Well, maybe I didn’t, but I remember being pretty damn proud of my 32000 score.
Then came these little portable Nintendo games, but my dad had learned his lesson with my obsession with the Atari console, and this time around, I wasn’t able to fool him into buying me one, so I had to rely on my friends’ generosity with theirs, and also arranged to get invited to the houses of people who both had videogames and children who went to bed early.  Continue reading