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Survivor: One World; the end is afoot

13 May

OK, so first, in case Greg “Tarzan” “Scaramouche” Smith (or anyone else who values good diction as much as he does) reads this, I’d like to apologize in advance for my potential improper use of the word “afoot”. The temptation to use it was just impossible to resist, especially since this will likely be my last opportunity to do so in a Survivor-related entry since:

– Tarzan has sadly gotten his comeuppance (albeit much later than I would have wagered after poopgate.)

– I bet you a bottle of wine that we’ll never hear the word “afoot” again on Survivor. (Note to those with a lesser command of the English language than Tarzan: “afoot” =/= “a foot”. So if two seasons from now, you hear Brandon Hantz say: “I was sleeping soundly when I was abruptly awoken by a foot in my face; it was my uncle Russell’s”, don’t send me your mailing address with a list of suggested wines with goofy prices such as $750 (I’ve seen it). Nor $75, for that matter. Max. value is $12 (CND) and I don’t ship nada. If you want it that much, come and get it. I’ll make sure to personally deliver it to you in a downtown Montreal public place of my choosing.)

Anyhoo, this 24th season of Survivor will soon be a thing of the past. However, unfortunately not of the glorious past I remember fondly when I reflect on why I love this show so much. To put it simply, One World is no Pearl Islands. And just to give you an idea, although I haven’t re-watched Pearl Islands (season 7) since it originally aired, I still remember it much better than I do some of the more recent seasons, like say, Samoa (season 19).

Which is a shame really, because I really had high expectations for Survivor: One World.

And maybe that’s the problem: I had too high expectations for Survivor: One World. Continue reading