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Disgusting video…

17 Apr

I tell ya…

Disgustingly cute, that is.

There are a handful of things in life, which have the power to turn the cynical cold-hearted bitch that I am into a pathetic mess of mush, from which emanates sounds such as: “Awww…!” and “OMG, it’s SO cute!”. And then “Awww…!” again…

One of these things is the following video. I hate it. Disgusting videos like this one trick me into getting out of my snarky character to reveal something which could be described as a “soft side”.

Well, soft side my ass. I ain’t got such a thing. Soft sides are for pussies.


Ah, who am I kidding…?! I love this video, it’s absolutely gorgeous, and yes, it does turn me into a pathetic pile of mush, but you know what? I don’t give a fuck, because animals RULE.

So in celebration of this beautiful (but clouding over quickly) spring Friday afternoon, I bring you the damnest cutest video on all of the interwebs.

And I dare you to not say: “Awww!” 😉



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Maudite imprimante!

10 Jan

Even if to you, fellow Anglophones, French sounds like nothing other than über-sexy gibberish, you should find this video funny.


This is the story of a cat, who, for some reason, gets pretty mad at a printer, and given my own long history of getting mad at printers, I can totally relate to this handsome (and hilarious) feline.


Toutefois, si vous êtes Francophone, vous risquez de trouver la vidéo encore plus drôle que les “blokes”, vu que contrairement à eux, vous au moins êtes en mesure de comprendre ce que “dit” le chat.

D’habitude, je n’aime pas les vidéos sur lesquelles on a collé une bande-son, mais je dois admettre que dans ce cas-ci, c’est bien fait, et c’est drôle.



This is a ” Aww!” post

7 Nov

I fancy myself as a thoughie; just ask my friends.

However, there is one thing that can make me lose both my toughie credibility and my shit both at once, and that is animals. Especially baby animals. But adult animals can do it too.

Look at that:

Isn’t this so “Aww!”, eh?

Read all about it HERE.

I’ll be back shortly with some snarkin’ about the View, you betcha.

So stay tuned.

Furry future YouTube stars…!

24 Sep

Ian and I’s first YouTube video has been successfully uploaded and is now available for the whole wide world to laugh at.

This is a frightening showdown between a minuscule cat and a much larger one.

For the record, the cute overexcited kitten is Ian’s; the big grumpy growly one at the bottom of the bed is… mine… You get what you deserve, I guess.

Go on, press “Play”… You know you want to…! 😉